Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Jensen's story is incredible. Born and raised in Guatemala and nursed by Mayan Indian women, he is sent back to Denmark upon the death of his mother, at age seven, and at fourteen he ran away to sea and wandered the globe. He returned to Guatemala to run a chicken farm, and at age twenty he began studying painting in California and then Germany and France. In the twenties and thirties, he traveled with his patron and companion Sadie May, collecting art from the major artists of the day. He lived in New York in the forties and fifties, and finally, at age 54, he found his own voice as an artist; from then on the paintings poured from him one after another."

chris martin on alfred jensen


R said...

we just saw one of these in a private collection here.....anger/rage/jelousy-beautiful little painting.

david john said...

his painting at moca right now, like 30 feet long is amazing!