Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Housed in unique, hand-stamped sleeves, this grogeous new Mountains LP comes dressed to impress, and typically it's a limited edition release, we have fewer than 50 available! Following on from their excellent last album 'Choral', the band entered Brendon Anderegg's studio, making realtime recordings of new material, avoiding overdubs. In fact, the only editing concession made on this long-player is a bit of unavoidable trimming to ensure the music fits the duration restraints of the vinyl format. The first side's material slowly and steadily oozes into a fluid, continuous stream of processed post-folk drones, and on this record it really starts to feel as though Mountains have evolved to the point where their music sounds very specifically like them and them alone. There are plenty of acts out there who merge digital sound collages with pastoral acoustic guitar passages, but Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp have really hit upon the formula for dissolving everything into a unified whole. Flipping over, the second side seems to commence with a perpetual orchestra tune-up session, announcing itself with rich sustained tones that eventually find accompaniment from bright synthesizer fluctuations, bringing an Emeralds-like wave of analogue purism to the table. Given the very 'Mountains-y' digitally-processed barrage on the previous side, this makes for a pleasing organic counterpart, eventually resolving itself with some gentle filtering and glistening acoustic guitar phrases in its closing moments, wrapping up in an ear-caressing swell of noise, Tim Hecker-style. Limited copies - hurry!

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