Sunday, April 26, 2009


Various Artists - Porter Records Sampler Various Artists
Porter Records Sampler
Porter Records
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We're incredibly pleased to have been offered the chance to curate a Porter Records sampler, a FREE, 15-SONG DOWNLOAD COMPILATION! In just the last couple of years, this U.S.-based record label has set a high bar for unearthing and reissuing obscure gems, as well as releasing contemporary masterpieces. They first came to our attention with excellent editions of the soul jazz- and ethno-based sounds of Birigwa and Natural Food, and since then they've moved on to releasing albums of incredible, lost psych-jazz from Sweden, electro-acoustic soundscapes, fiery free jazz from Byard Lancaster and Henry Grimes, as well as the ambient hip-hop of Misled Children amongst many other extraordinary records. While putting this comp together we were struck by the label's focus on exploring the limitless permutations of beats and rhythm, and by how few modern labels have as successfully taken up the mantle laid down by ESP-Disk years ago. Here are some, but by no means all, of our favorite tracks from Porter Records.

-Michael Klausman

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R4TH said...

This comp is breaking the waves at our place.