Thursday, February 26, 2009

life without

life without buildings
is a bummer - one of my favorite bands ever -
with only one proper record, some singles and
a great live record (and I hate live records..)
I played them for a friend recently who then
described them as
"the Sundays meet the Fall"
which I thought pretty apt...

band members Chris Evans
and Sue Tompkins went on to
turn their awesome art rock into just
awesome ART...


david john said...

that is so funny you posted this. they are indeed one of the greatest bands! so short lived. check out the show at the st. louis contemporarty art museum right now with sue.


genevieve said...
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warm jet said...


TARA said...

LOVE them!! so sad i never got to see them play. i remember joining their mailing list and begging them to tour here.