Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stimulate some worthwhile economies! ( a message from the best restauranteur's in the entire world )

If we could have just one of these folks 3 amazing Brooklyn restaurants here in LA, My life here would be complete...

Dear friends and family and folks we don't know yet,

As some or most of you know the Diner Journal is a quarterly food and culture magazine independently published in Brooklyn. We use food as a lens for art, culture and politics. Our creative process is based in the fundamental idea that the conversations on our pages will create dialogue and dialogue in a perfect equation creates ideas. It takes two.. or rather it takes two thousand. With each issue we are committed to moving through the obtainable information toward the search for questions that create open forums for the answers to evolve. What does this all mean? This is the season for giving and I am writing shamelessly to ask you for your ideas. We have this goal here at the Diner Journal of two thousand subscriptions. This subscription bank will provide us with freedoms we haven't even imagined yet. We could sponsor programs, internships, co-ops, residencies, pay writers and artists, work within our global community while effecting change in our local one. But how do we do it? Do we canvas? Do we teach classes? Should I dress up like a chicken? Should Andrew? I am humbly open to any suggestion. I hope that while this little note is not as noble as an NPR drive it might inspire you to spread the word. And I promise I won't interrupt every program with a pledge update. Unless, of course, you ask me to. Please forward like a chain letter without the guilt.


Diner Journal

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